Are you stressed out due to your file management issues? There is no need to be depressed now. We have brought a very well-known solution for you. There is a problem with ios specifically it is its limited file management system. Here is software for you guys that is known as iFile. It will change your ways of managing files and it will also help you to interact with your files.

About iFile for iOS 14

iFile for iOS 14 is a well-organized software that allows you to manage, modify, and access your files. We know that it was not an easy task to deal with a data management system now this software has made this task really easy and manageable. iFile is the best choice if you want to utilize an app to manage your files and folders. It supports Apple ID and has full integration with Bluetooth File Sharing and the Safari Download Manager.

The file manager iFile

The best file manager is known as iFile. If we discuss its compatibility new iOS 14 is compatible with iFile. If you really want to download it then you can download it by cydia on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. If you have jailbroken it then its overall file system will be available to you.

Installation of iFile for iOS 14

Follow the instructions below to install the application on your device.
  • Jailbroken iOS devices must first have a USB connection to the computer system in order to access iFile. Once the device is linked, kindly continue the process by entering the secure password and Apple user ID username.
  • Until the completion of entering data iFile will instantly start the installation. Then please Go to the Settings option move to General and then go to Profiles & Device Management to install it.
  • Open the profile connected to your Apple ID from there. After clicking Trust, you can see the iFile icon will appear on your computer screen.
  • For iOS, you must know that iFile is a file organizer. Users can access it to organize, lock, and unlock files, and they can view notifications in a single folder using its feature.
  • A complete connection with Safari Download Manager is provided.
  • The iOS file manager iFile has a lot of functionality. You may get it for free, and installing it on your smartphone doesn't need jailbreaking.
  • Installing Cydia modifications, unlocked games, and altered apps is now possible only due to this app. If
  • If you want to get these apps, utilizing this app is a good idea for you guys, Without jailbreaking your phone there is another technique to download it.
  • Free download of iFile for iOS 14 that fully integrates with Safari Download Manager. It is easy to install. That's all you have to do.
  • It features complete Bluetooth File Sharing integration.
  • You can share files across your iPhone and iPad with the help of the strong app manager and file
  • manager known as iFile for iOS 14. Using Bluetooth File Sharing, the software enables file sharing with other iOS devices.
  • Attachment Saver, the Safari Download Manager, and Bluetooth File Sharing are all fully integrated into
one software. iFile is a free download and does not require you to jailbreak your smartphone, in contrast to other file managers. 

It provides an iPhone ID

On their iOS devices, users can utilize iFile to navigate the file system. Renaming files, organizing them, zipping and unzipping them, and editing them are some of its strong capabilities.

Even your notifications can be arranged in a single folder with its assistance. It also provides a variety of options for transferring data between iOS devices. It is possible to transfer data between your devices via Bluetooth and WiFi.

You must first use a special USB cable to connect your iOS device to your computer in order to download and install the iFile IPA file. You must then enter your Apple ID and password in order to connect.

Under Profile and Device Management in the Settings menu, you can find your Apple ID. Click Trust and continue with the installation after opening the profile connected to your Apple ID. The iFile icon ought to show up on your home screen after installation.

File Details


SIZE: 12 Mbs

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You would be wise to keep this unofficial file manager in your toolkit because it is a really potent tool. Try it out today and let us know what you think of the app because you won't find these features anywhere else, at least not all together in one app. So by having a lot of information about iFile for iOS 14, what are you waiting for? Just download it from this website.if you need more apps visit our website www.resetrepair.com

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